Tristar participates in special UNGC local networks’ webinar

Group Chief Administrative Officer Balaji Nagabhushan, representing the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Local Network UAE where Tristar Group has a board seat, shared the company’s Covid-19 response initiatives along with representatives from UNGC Local Network Pakistan and Nigeria at the In Conversation webinar today.  The session focused on ‘Force 4 Good: How can the current Covid crisis allow Business to prove that it is a Force for Good’. This UNGC initiative is in line with the UN Decade of Action’s objective to connect people and organizations who are shaping the next decade through impact, purpose driven leadership and adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. “We require more public-private partnerships and best practice sharing so we can adopt, adapt and work together. Companies need to step up and be an industry leader in adopting the latest technology and innovations to effectively be a ‘Force for Good’,” said Nagabhushan.