Tristar wins 2 Logistics Middle East Awards

Tristar Group won the 3PL and CSR awards at the Logistics Middle East Awards 2023 held at Grosvenor House Dubai.

The jury said on the 3PL award: “Tristar has established a strong foothold as one of the leading 3PLs in the country through the efficient utilisation of its resources, the implementation of technology-driven processes and systems, continuously enhancing its operations to offer a seamless customer journey, and upskilling and empowering its employees to ensure the highest health and safety standards are met.”

On the CSR award the jury commended: “Based on its strong belief that ‘Giving Back is Getting Back,’ Tristar actively contributes towards various social causes and crisis needs in line with its mission to place purpose equal to profit and help and remain supportive to the community at large.

In 2022, the company launched a crisis relief campaign to help the victims of catastrophic floods in Pakistan. It allocated thousands of dollars and distributed 22 metric tonnes of food supplies to help 1000 affected families and provide the necessary sustenance to those in hunger and need across 9 cities, through a dedicated team of 12 volunteers.”